What Our Visitors Are Saying

“As officers, we will be required to make tough decisions and lead our subordinates by example. I feel that this course provides the perfect ratio of risk and safety to develop us in both areas.”

“It is one of the first times we are able to put into practice the leadership techniques and concepts we learn in a classroom environment. Training like this should be required.”

“This was the best leadership experience, it taught me about myself and how leaders should act in the field.”

– Midshipmen from the United States Naval Academy – Annapolis, Maryland

“Christian Santelices is an extraordinary guide. He has been my teacher and my mentor in the world of climbing, and he has become one of my closest friends.

We have climbed in the Tetons, in Patagonia, in the Pyrenees in Spain, in the Alps in France and Switzerland, in the Dolomites in Italy, in South Africa–literally all over the world.

I can give Christian absolutely the highest recommendation.”

– Richard Mithoff – Attorney and Philanthropist

“Thanks so much for the lesson today. I loved it! I actually have not stopped smiling. I am so excited; I even stopped at Yostmark on my way home to look at ice tools.”

– Seychelle Hicks – Evergreen, Colorado

“The choice of Christian as our instructor was an excellent one. We enjoyed his instruction style and the gentle, yet firm way he encouraged us to push beyond our limits and fears. Overall we would rate this weekend as one of those peak experiences that one will remember for life.”

~ Michael and Sandy, Sunnyvale, CA

“I believed I received something special – Christian’s patience, insight, and instruction made this a memorable experience.”

~ Bill, Boston

“I learned so much about myself and the spirituality of hiking/climbing on the Grand Teton experience. You made it fun, careful, insightful, and engaging. I was floored by the challenge and comforted by your special attention to my specific needs as delicate as they were at 13,000 + feet. Thank you for being friendly, professional, and most of all, keeping us safe.”

~ Jason, Salt Lake City, UT

“In every dimension – technical climbing and safety skills, teaching abilities, people management, strong leadership, individual and group psychology, and in terms of evoking a pure sense of adventure, Mr. Santelices was absolutely exemplary.”

~ Jerry, Cappaqua, NY

“Christian is a top­notch instructor and educator. Clearly VERY experienced and VERY enthusiastic about teaching. He has some of the best educational and communication skills that I have seen (and I have been to many trainings through NOLS, Outward Bound, LNT, National Park Service, and Association of Outdoor Rec and Education). Christian is a fantastic ambassador for AMGA, has strong ethics, and is clearly invested in his students and the future of climbing guiding and education.”

~ Kate McHugh, AZ

“Christian was a great instructor. He’s clearly been doing this long enough to have refined aspects of his lessons and be superbly comfortable with all the material making him very adaptable. His lighthearted, fun and humble nature seems hard to come by in our industry especially at his elite level and was greatly appreciated by everyone in the course. He was always encouraging, caring and understanding­ even able to own his own slip ups. Above all Christian was patient. He always took the time to make sure everyone was grasping the material and was happy to answer questions. A joy to learn from overall!”

~ Azissa Singh, NC